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Our Story - I'm Fine App

What's the story behind the I'm Fine App?

Picture © by MountainAsh

So you want to hear a story huh? Well, unfortunately it ain't a pretty one.

In 2011, a short but extremely powerful storm passed over one of the biggest music festivals in Belgium. At the time of the disaster, there were thousands of music lovers celebrating.

Because many people were trying to call their loved ones at the festival, the mobile phone network quickly became overloaded and it was almost impossible to reach somebody there.

There was no other way to find out if our friends were doing fine than to wait until the phone lines came back online or until they posted a message on Facebook by using one of the Wifi hotspots neighbours had been opening up to the public.

The Goal: let friends & family know how you are doing

The goal of the App is simple: to make sure that anybody with an internet connection can use the I'm Fine App to inform their friends & family how they are doing. This can be on a festival, on vacation, on a business trip, ... it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you have internet access on your mobile phone.

How does it work?

You add as many or as little email contacts to the app as you like. When you check in, we will send a link to your contacts and to your facebook friends with your exact location details and a custom note from you.

Who is it for?

Many people can benefit from the app, for example in the following situations:

I'm a geek. How was the app created?

The app was created in Titanium in under 24 hours. Curious how we did it? We're writing an ebook about the whole process packed with tips on how you can create your own app in 24 hours. Get the e-book here if you are interested!

Who built the app?

The iPhone app, website and underlying web app are from the hands of @GoodBytes. Get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or through http://www.goodbytes.be.

@pascalculator created the bird logo used throughout the app.